Before filing

Which 1099 forms do you support?

What are the deadlines to file 1099 forms?

Do you also file 1096 or do we need to file 1096 form on our own?

What services do you provide?

What is included in your basic eFile Only service?

What if I have a lot of forms to file?

Do you have integration with other applications like QuickBooks and Xero?

Can I get copies to my payees/recipients/contractors using your service?

How secure is your website?

Are you an IRS approved eFile provider?

Do you file the 1099 forms with states?

What is Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) program?

What forms are supported through CF/SF program?

Which states participate CF/SF program?

Is there a separate charge for filing with states?


Can I file multiple 1099s with the same account?

Can the accountants file for different clients?

Do you store my data in the account after submitting the filings?

Excel import

Do you support importing from Excel?

How many filings and payees can I import?

Can I re-import the data, if there are any errors in the imported data?

QuickBooks Online integration

Is this integration approved by QuickBooks Online?

I am an accountant. Can I connect all my clients using my accountant account?

What information do you download from QuickBooks?

Can I copy my account mapping details from one client account to the other?

Xero integration

How does Xero integration work?

Is your app available in Xero app store?

Pricing & Payments

How much does 1099 e-Filing cost?

How does free filings work?

Which payment methods do you support?

Do you store my credit card information on your site?

TIN Verification

What is TIN Verification?

TIN verification failed for one of my payees. What do I do?

My payee insists they gave us the right information. What do I do?

Do you charge for re-verification of TIN?

After filing

How long does it take to get the status from the IRS after I file?

Where can I download the 1096 form?

How do I send the physical copies of the forms to the recipients?

If I choose the 'eFile, Print & Mail' option when submitting, when will the recipients receive the forms?

Do you support corrections?