1099 filing made easy with FreshBooks and 1099SmartFile integration

With direct account to account integration, import transactions, categorize them into boxes, and file in minutes. Yes, it is that simple. Accountants can manage multiple clients that easily.


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Make your 1099 filing experience whole lot delightful with Bill.com & 1099SmartFile

Save time

Save time by pulling in all 1099 vendors, COAs, expenses, bill payments and avoid costly data entry errors.

Powerful categorization tools

Categorize thousands of transactions to right 1099 box in minutes. Blazing fast, easy to use, designed for bulk filers.

Full service

Let us take care of print copies to recipients, address verification, email delivery, TIN verification, and state reporting.

Keep your data safe

With secure integration with Bill.com, your data is always encrypted during transit. All sensitive data is encrypted with bank grade encryption algorithms.

Manage multiple accounts

Accountants and people with multiple businesses, connect each account to their respective FreshBooks company to keep their data separate and avoid costly data mix-ups.

Save money

With tiered pricing, the more forms you have, the cheaper it gets. For businesses, forms beyond 30 are free to eFile. For accountants, forms beyond 1000 (across all your clients) are free to eFile.