"The Great Lakes State" requires filing for various 1099 forms based on amount of payment and whether state taxes were withheld or not. Please use the table and additional resources below to figure out your filing requirements.


Form specific filing requirements:

Payments meet federal threshold of $600 and/or Michigan state taxes were withheld
  • Filing required: Yes
  • Filing Method: Combined Fed/State Filing
  • 1099SmartFile Supports: Yes
  • Cost: No additional charge
  • 1099-NEC
  • Filing required: Yes
  • Filing Method: Direct State Filing
  • 1099SmartFile Supports: Yes, 1099SmartFile generates the files that you can upload at Michigan Treasury Online
  • Cost: Free

    Self eFile Instructions:

    1. When submitting your federal forms, select Self eFile option for the state filing dropdown.

    2. Go to state transmissions download page by clicking "Download Self eFile Transmission" from the filings tab.

    3. Select the filings (you can only select flings if they have been processed for federal submission) you want to download and click 'Download' button. A zip file containing the transmission files for each state will be downloaded to your computer. The Zip file will be password protected with the last four digit's of payer's TIN.

    4. Unzip the download file and locate the various text files. These are the files that you will be uploading at state website.

    5. Register with Michigan Treasury Online, if you haven't already.

    6. Login into your Michigan Treasury Online account and follow the state web site instructions to upload the file you downloaded from 1099SmartFile.